Poster session - Metabolic Biochemistry

Metabolic Biochemistry 




Characterization and bioactivity of Copaiba essential oil carried in a self-emulsifying system


Ana Paula Ames Sibin


Comparative study of in vitro and in vivo inhibition of amylase by catechin and epicatechin and acarbose


Bárbara Ribeiro Tonsic


Effects of Trichilia catigua microemulsion on plasma and liver oxidative state in rats with cerebral ischemia


 Beatriz Paes Silva


Effects of high temperature heat shock on the liver of Rhamdia voulezi Haseman, 1911


 Diego Ortiz da Silva


Hydroxychloroquine inhibits the gluconeogenesis in the liver of rats


 Emanuele Parreira de Lima


The short-terms effects of berberine in the perfused liver


 Evelyn Silva Moreira


 Metabolic implications of protein restriction on adolescence in wistar rats


Gabriel Kian Guimarães Lopes


Β-myrcene inhibit the leukocyte recruitment and phagocytic activity of netrophils


Guilherme Henrique Oliveira Silva


Effects of a Myrciaria jaboticaba Peel Extract and role of cyanidin-3-O-Glucoside on lipase in mice


 Gustavo Henrique de Souza


High rate metabolization of triclosan differently modifies metabolic flows in the perfused rat liver


 Heloisa V. Pereira-Maróstica


Hepatoprotective action of Luehea divaricata bark extract


Jéssica A.A. Garcia 


Does high temperature thermal shock cause oxidative stress in the brain of Astyanax lacustris


Jonathan Ratko


Methylglyoxal effects in mitochondrial respiratory activity from rats liver


Júlia Machado Ariozi


Photodynamic effects of toluidine blue o on mitochondrial ATP production and hepatic gluconeogenesis


Karina Borba Paulino dos Santos


Cholecalciferol promotes reduction of cholesterol and its fractions in the obesity model


Maiara Mikuska Cordeiro


Effects of a high fat low carbohydrate diet on plasmatic parameters, in vivo glucose metabolism and fatty liver development in rats: a study under different energetic conditions


Mateus José de Oliveira


Methylglyoxal impairs gluconeogenesis and increases oxidative stress in the liver


Naiara C. Lucredi


Effects of arsenial compounds on fructose metabolism on the perfused rat liver


Nairana Mithieli de Q. E. Melo


High and low temperature thermal stress affects Astyanax lacustris brain of acetylcholinesterase levels?


Niumaique Gonçalves Da Silva


Phenolics and not polysaccharides in the Camellia sinensis aqueous extracts are the main inhibitors of the pancreatic alpha amylase


Tamires Barlati V. da Silva


Effect concentration-dependence of the phloretin on the pancreatic α- amylase: a potential tool in glycemic control


Thalita Faleiros Demito Santos


Effects of the antimicrobial triclocarban on rat liver metabolism


Vanesa de Oliveira Pateis


Effects of a Myrciaria jaboticaba peel extract and the contribution of cyanidin-3-o-glucoside on amylase in mice


Vitor Gomes Gonçalves